November 07, 2007

All About WriterAction

WriterAction is an online community and resource center of over 2000 professional screen and television writers. WriterAction is privately owned and operated. All our members are WGA members, East and west, but WriterAction is neither financed by nor affiliated with either organization, their elected officers, or staff.

WriterAction members live all across America, with a smattering elsewhere in the world. Projects written by WA members have won Oscars, Emmys, WGA awards, and even the occasional Razzie. Some WA members are among the most in-demand writers in the business; others are scrambling to get an agent/a job/a produced credit/next month's rent; others still are somewhere solidly in the middle.

Our active members include many WGA officers, Board of Directors members and Council members, East and West, as well as varied committee members.

We invite all WGA members, West and East, to join in.

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Inside WA you will also find forums on all aspects of the craft and business of screen and television writing, as well as on all aspects of WGA business and politics.

We post open writing assignments and other job opportunities and articles of interest and links to information and resources; and maintain a script library and a database of evaluations of film and television executives, producers, agents, managers and showrunners, written by writers, for writers. We post notices of all WGA events, operate a Staff Q&A through which members can get specific questions directly forwarded to appropriate guild personnel, and host a monthly Spotlight interview during which a member with a currently running feature film or TV show answers questions from other members for an entire month. During the election season there are special forums for discussion with board and officer candidates. Beyond these services, there are 24/7 free-wheeling discussions on every topic under the sun, and regular face-to-face get-togethers such as Friday lunches and special events.

We invite all WGA members, West and East, to join in.

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Blogger Scott Nicholson said...

The Horror Writers Association, on behalf of its writer members, stands in support of the Writers Guild of America strike in seeking appropriate compensation for writers when their work is distributed digitally, either via DVD or Internet downloads. Although HWA is not a union, it is an organization of writers that advocates for authors' rights. Writers Guild of America and its demands fall solidly into this category. All writers will be affected by the outcome of this strike, and we stand in solidarity, resisting those who seek to distribute our work on the Internet, DVD, or any format without fair compensation.

Deborah LeBlanc, HWA President
Scott Nicholson, HWA VP

11/15/2007 4:55 AM  

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